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Wrought Iron Designs - Metalwork Surveying

If you are considering a restoration or conservation project
you can obtain a full costing and feasability study from our wrought iron suveryors.
Find out what is and isn't possible.


All of the drawings on this page are intended to provide you with food for thought.
Some of the designs have been produced by famous designers from the past, we can create reproduction gates from any historical period or style or design and produce fresh and contemporary ironwork with a 21st century feel.

cast iron and wrought iron designs for metal gates

The two drawings below show a gate produced for a client in Wales. The image on the right details information for the customer to peruse and assess.

Bespoke design for a wrought and cast iron gate Details of the design for a wrought and cast iron gate

All of our gates are available in a choice of materials and construction methods

Wrought Iron

A time proven material and the most expensive option.

Pure Iron

Available only recently in the UK but tried and tested throughut Europe, particularly France. Less expensive than wrought iron but considered to be even more durable.

Mild Steel

The least expensive option. Although galvanising is always a good idea modern paint quality and durabilty has evolved considerably in recent years and offers a cost effective alternative to galvanising.

Galvanised Mild Steel

Hot dip galvanising adds to the overall cost but is a reliable treatment to help reduce future maintenance costs


Purely Forged

All work is produced using time honoured and proven methods and requires many hours of skilled time

Forged and Fabricated

As above but the time involved is reduced by integrating some modern materials and techniques

Fabrication & High Finish

Modern production methods and finishing systems can still produce outstanding results

Off The Shelf

Off the shelf but limited in availability and of the highest quality

wrought iron gate design   wrought iron gate design

wrought iron gate design   wrought iron gate designs

wrought iron gate design   wrought iron gate design

This design for an outdoor room in copper, wrought iron and mild steel in a garden in Kensington, London with an unusual copper dome roof canopy

design for a garden feature with copper roof, wrought iron and mild steel pillars


A typical working drawing showing the design and construction details of wrought iron balustrading for a staircase

A design for wrought iron staircase balustrade Enlargement of drawing showing the fixing points of an ironwork balustrade to a stairtcase


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