Spiral Staircase in Cast Iron, Steel & Bronze


This spiral staircase with cast iron treads and risers with a brass handrail
was made for a Duck & Rice in Soho, London.
Can be made for private residences as well commercial premises.


Curved section of steel balustrade    Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony    Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony

Bespoke Commercial Size Spiral Staircase in Cast Iron, Mild Steel & Bronze


A detailed survey was carried out by Fine Iron, and initial design drawings were produced. Following approval by Alan Yow bespoke casting

patterns were manufactured for the casting of the cast iron treads, cast iron risers and uniquely matching cast iron quarter landing plate, which we also used as a start plate at the base of the stairs. The stair railing baluster was made with a bespoke reeded cast iron baluster and the handrail was formed from 50mm x 14mm brass, Frogs back handrail. This was formed in house on our own section rollers. The cast iron treads were slid over a central column and due to the width of the stairs and it being a commercial premises a helical section of handrail was formed to run up the central column of the cast iron spiral staircase.

     Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony     Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony


We think it is fair to say that the project was completed to the highest standards and apart from serving as spectacular access to the first floor restaurant the cast iron spiral staircase make a real statement centerpiece for the ground floor bar area of this high-end gastro pub in the heart of Soho.

Client: The Duck and Rice

Location: Berwick Street, London, W1

Architects and Designers: David Archer of Archer Humphryes architects with Fine Iron

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