CANOPY DESIGN CHOICES SPANDRELS Typical widths are 120cm or 204cm and depths of 64cm or 92cm, complete with a rolled zinc roof or roof framework ( for covering in a finish of your choice such as lead) and spandrels. A range of four specific Canopy frieze designs are available to suit the style of your building and your personal taste. Alternatively, our porch & veranda frieze panels can also be used to create cantilever canopies supported by spandrels (see p9). Bespoke sizes and designs are also available. Please note: some photographs of previous installations feature the old style spandrel with quarter circle corner brace. The current style is as illustrated above. Quatrefoil Ring Roseleaf Scroll Supporting spandrels are used to add additional structural support to the cantilever canopy, and complete an elegant design. These are included within the canopy price. All spandrels are interchangeable. See page 20 for further details and options. 50 14 46/56 Bespoke canopy with Roseleaf spandrels and lead roof Sunray Roseleaf Scroll Rays Ring Scroll CANOPIES, PORCHES & VERANDAS | 11