A porch will usually consist of two corner uprights, a frieze panel to the front and two side frieze panels. A veranda will usually consist of the same, along with intermediate uprights and additional front frieze panels to allow for greater widths (and depths, if required). We can also make corner porches and verandas to create a continuous roof-line wrapping around the building, or above an entrance within a corner. CREATING A CUSTOM DESIGN MEASUREMENTS TO PLAN YOUR PORCH OR VERANDA: • We will need measurements of the depth D, the height H and the width W of the proposed ironwork - as shown in the illustration on the image below left. • If you require a roof frame or roof, we will also need to know the distance available from the top of the proposed ironwork to the bottom of any first floor windows or other obstructions (R). For larger, more complex proposals, we are able to visit the site to make detailed measurements and draw up accurate specifications. We specialise in providing bespoke fitments, so please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or estimates regarding special requirements. D W H R Part-glazed roof on restored ironwork Georgian veranda with lead roof frame Regency Wide ironwork with lead roof CANOPIES, PORCHES & VERANDAS | 15