New Purpose Built Paint Shop


We are very excited for the installation of our NEW purpose built spray shop with in built curing and paint storage room at the beginning of December and we shall upload photos of the finished installed product as soon as its complete!

This will make the finishing process much smoother and orderly with overhead tracking to reduce manual handling and a drying room that will keep a temperature of between up to 60 degrees celsius regardless of outside conditions for consistent curing. We are also expecting this to increase the capacity of work we are able to paint at any given time.

Paint Shop

Spray Room, Drying room and storage


The self contained paint room will be over 4m wide and over 6.5m deep, fully ventilated with a state of the art filtration system. It will also have a smooth overhead runner system to allow freshly painted ironwork to be moved to the drying room with ease.

The 18m2 drying room will feature a climate control panel to allow us to ensure it is the optimum temperature for drying and hardening painted ironwork effectively and efficiently. We will also have a large paint storage room at the back of the spray room for a fully self contained system.

Paint Shop
Paint Shop
Paint Shop
Paint Shop



At Fine Iron we believe firmly in investing in the latest technology from machinery and equipment to materials and processes to provide safe and great working conditions for our valued craftsmen and ensure we are able to deliver the highest quality wrought iron products to our customers always!


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