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Porch Styles

At Fine Iron we understand that there are a multitude of architectural periods and styles and porch ironwork that may suit one home may not compliment another quite as well. This is why we have taken time and care in designing a broad range of porch ironwork to cover a whole host of architectural periods from Georgian to Arts and Crafts, Victorian to Contemporary – you are sure to find a design that enhances your entrance, helping to make a home as unique as you!

 Our elegant, handcrafted entrance porches offer shelter and protection over any doorway including main, side or rear entrances as well as over French or patio doors – though if you would prefer more space and shade you may wish to consider one of our beautifully crafted verandas.

All of our porch ironwork is handcrafted to order to ensure a perfect fit! Fine Iron are also proud to offer a bespoke design service. For a porch design tailored specifically to your requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Rose Leaf Porch

A combination of straight symmetrical lines that contrast beautifully with the free-flowing form of the rose vine and cast leaves. This traditional porch ironwork is perfectly suited to country cottages, period & traditional architectural styles.

Treillage Porch

A popular choice with it’s classic trellis design suiting most architectural styles – but with a country cottage spirit!

Deco Porch

Inspired by the detail & clean lines of the Art Deco period, the Deco style porch features a bold cross design softened by the placement of decorative flower & intermittent rings.

Regency Light Porch

Our most popular porch design owing to it’s timeless simplicity making it a versatile design that suits period and modern homes alike.

Wentworth Porch

Our distinguished Wentworth porch ironwork features clean lines & a simple cross pattern punctuated by contrasting ring detail.

Georgian Porch

A bold symmetrical design that demands attention with a diamond patterned insert that seems to float in its frame in keeping with both traditional & modern properties.

Cambridge Porch

A well rounded, timeless porch design that is sure to enhance the entrance of any abode!

Highbury Porch

Our minimalistic yet stylish Highbury ironwork is simple and uncomplicated. The bar spacings create interest without overpowering making this a great modern or contemporary porch design.

Eden Porch

A Victorian porch style design featuring organic leaf & scroll pattern. This traditional ironwork porch design is sure to add a sense of period romance.

Henley - front

Henley Porch

Perfect for those who prefer softer, free-flowing lines the Henley features an ‘infinity’ pattern with central flower detail.

Noveau Porch

Nouveau Porch

As the name suggests this design takes inspiration from the detail & long, organic lines of the Art Nouveau period. Particularly appropriate to 20th Century architecture or later.

Regency Wide Porch

A heavier design with wider uprights, sure to make an impact on doorways requiring a bolder statement. Particularly suited to larger properties.

Arden Porch

Our NEW Arden ironwork offers a more private porch enclosure with diamond panels.

Double Treillage Porch

For those who like the trellis style of our Treillage porch ironwork, but would prefer something more substantial and enclosing.


Variable Sizing

Although we show some ‘typical’ sizes for our porches, these are purely as a guide only as we understand that most homes are in fact quite unique! That’s why all of our ironwork is handcrafted and made to order.  This ensures that our ironwork is made to suit the individual requirements of your home and your personal needs and preferences.

All we need from you is the overall width, the preferred depth out and the required height from ground to the underside of the roof.

Please don’t worry at this stage as when you place your order we provide fully dimensioned drawings so there’s plenty of time to double check before we start to make anything. This ensures that your ironwork fits exactly how you want it!

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