Bespoke Balustrade & Stainless Steel Hand Rails for Marble Staircases


Marble staircase with balustrade and stainless steel hand rails     Marble staircase with balustrade and stainless steel hand rails

Marble Staircase with Bespoke Balustrade & Stainless Steel Handrail


Fine Iron was commissioned to develop a design idea from the client that would be both contemporary and traditional in appearance for a substantial new build in Surrey. This is the result, a very elegant and individual balustrade.

Fine Iron developed our own patterns for the clips that join the stainless steel handrail sections together and hand forged the monkey tail ends on the newel posts at the base of the stairs.


MIld steel balustrading in Weybridge Surrey

St George Hill, Weybridge, Surrey
Mild steel, stainless steel and castings

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