Spiral Staircases in Chromed, Polished, Satin Stainless

Steel & Wrought Iron – Hardwood Oak Timber Treads


polished chromed or satin brushed stainless steel spiral staircases

Private Client
United Kingdom
Brushed to a satin finish stainless steel with oak timber treads and landing

Stainless Steel Spiral Staircases

This client was looking for a very contemporary stainless steel spiral staircase that also provided more room for access than a traditional size spiral staircase. Fine Iron worked closely with the interior designers to achieve this elegant and modern stainless steel, with hardwood oak timber treads, spiral staircase.

To achieve a clean unbroken line for the centre column of the spiral it was necessary to fabricate using a single tube as opposed to segments for the tread supports which is the norm. This presented a fabrication challenge which were happy to undertake.

Both the client and interior designer were delighted with our efforts.