Bespoke balustrade with glass spheres


We were approached by the interior designer for this project to craft a custom balustrade over 3 flights for a prestigious new build in Chingford, Essex.

Like most of the projects we get involved in the staircase railing or balustrade 📖 was to function as the main feature to the entrance hallway. The brief included incorporating faceted glass spheres into the design to compliment other design features of the home such as the hallway lighting and dramatic stained glass window to create a coherent, sophisticated and modern design.

Balustrade with Crystal Detail
Balustrade with Crystal Detail

This particular balustrade 📖 was quite unique in that it was to have a large handrail 📖 profile which was formed in Aluminium to ensure it wasn’t too heavy, however this still required a substantial corerail. The balustrade also features 3 alternating spindle designs, one of which includes handmade faceted crystal balls that needed to match exactly the cut crystal door knobs throughout the house.

The crystals and how they would be incorporated into the spindle 📖 required careful consideration to achieve the desired results. The facets to the crystals needed to reflect and shine in order to get the best results so they were drilled through and the core polished. Through the core we inserted bespoke machined and polished stainless steel tubes to reflect the light and also concealed threaded bar that joined the top and bottom sections of the baluster. To cup the crystal sphere we made bespoke nylon washers to go between the glass and the decorative hand turned mounts, thereby the load to the baluster was not transferred to the crystal.

Balustrade with Crystal Detail
Balustrade with Crystal Detail


Finally, the balustrade was finished with our in house bronze patina paint system before being carefully packed, delivered and installed by our skilled team on site.

The finished result is stunning -complimenting the impressive custom stained glass window whilst remaining a striking feature in its own right.

Balustrade with Crystal Detail




Client: Private

Location: Essex


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