Stair Balustrade for a Sweeping Curved Marble Staircase


This stair balustrade has been crafted from wrought iron, cast iron and mild steel capped with an oak handrail.

The ironwork has been painted and fixed into the marble treads, the junctions between treads and balusters have been finished with cast iron covers.


Curved section of steel balustrade     Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony


Organic Style Iron Balustrade with Oak Handrails


A private client approached Jeff Crawford of Witcher, Crawford Associates with the requirement of creating an impact, a statement if you like, in the entrance hall of their new property. With this remit Jeff collaborated with Fine Iron in designing a balustrade that was unique in its form, providing plenty of texture and an organic ‘feel’ in the overall result.
The client was initially provided with many different samples, each creating a subtle variation replicating sand cast iron. Once the final choice had been made SG Iron underwent hot forged twists and a specialist graphite paper was used; a solid natural oak was chosen for the handrail itself. These all combined to complete the form.


Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony    Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony

Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony    Mild Steel metal balustrade edging mezzanine balcony

There is something very distinctive in the final manufacture and installation. What has been created between Jeff Crawford and Fine Iron gives a strong impression of something that is built to last, something in fact that is quite timeless in the use of traditional materials and design; this is carried further as it blends seamlessly with the surroundings in its natural appeal. The forged leaves take a life of their own and are supported by sturdy, pure oak from top to bottom with a natural grain running throughout. The overall impact carries a strong and positive message.


Client: Witcher, Crawford Associates, Architects & Designers

Location: Newbury


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