Stylish stair railing with steel handrail


Simple does not mean any less attention is given to detail! In fact, it is imperative with balustrade like this that particular attention is paid to uniform lines to ensure a clean, flawless finish.

Steampunk Iron Staircase

Modern Balustrade with simple boss detail


This balustrade was crafted for a private family home in Kent. The 14mm round balusters feature simple, yet elegant boss detail and cast base covers to where the balusters have been resin fixed into the stone covered treads of this cut string staircase. 

Metal Staircase

Balustrade with convex flat edge steel handrail 

In the image above you can see that the winder treads have two balusters per tread and as the stair straightens and the goings become longer this increases to three balusters per tread. By paying particular attention to spacing we are able to achieve an essentially seamless continuity.

Steampunk Iron Staircase
Metal Staircase

Contemporary stair railing with solid steel handrail


A simple convex, flat edge profile, solid steel handrail was chosen to complete this contemporary style staircase balustrade – a profile which is particularly comfortable in the hand.

Metal Staircase



Client: Private

Location: Kent

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