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Restoration & Conservation of Wrought & Cast Ironwork. Tel: +44 (0)1874 636966

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Cardiff gates crashed to ground before restoration

Restoration - Wrought Ironwork

Cardiff Royal Infirmary Gate's & Overthrow. Severely damaged by a lorry, Fine Iron were commissioned to repair, restore and reinstate the ironwork back to its original splendour. This was a major restoration job, you can see the damage in more detail if you click for an enlargement. The result of our work can be seen in a sequence of six images at the beginning of our Gates and Railings section.
Restored wrought iron gates and railings at Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Restoring Decorative - Ironwork

Here we see the same gates following repair and restoration at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary.
Restored repousee and scrolls

Restoring - Wrought Ironwork

This image and to your right show details of scroll work and repouseť from the restored gates pictured above.
Restored repousee and scrollwork

Restoration of Repouseť

Delicate repouseť work flowing from the crest featured on the overthrow.
Repairs to the cast iron crest at top of gates

Restoration - Cast Iron

A cast iron coat of arms needed some repairs and restoring
Laser cut steel lettering

Restoring Wrought & Cast Iron

New steel lettering was laser cut and welded into position
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